When To Take Profits

When To Take Profits? or Losses?

As much as you may be a buy and hold investor, there are times when you need to take your profits and move on. In some cases, it’s taking your losses. I don’t believe in the concept of not reviewing … Read more

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The benefits of Cross-Listed Stocks

As a Canadian, in order to build up US funds, I have held cross-listed Canadian companies on the US stock exchange to earn dividends in US dollars. When the currency exchange is not on par, that’s one way to generate … Read more

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Behind the Snapshot Opportunity Score

The Snapshot Opportunity Score is my proprietary formula for assessing the purchase timing of a stock. It’s a great technical indicator to see if a stock is ripe for purchase compare with others in its sector or the screener. It’s not … Read more

Does interest rate impact stocks?

Some investors are nervous when it comes to interest rate changes. With all the speculation on interest rates, we are already seeing investors questioning their holdings. Are you nervous? Why? Not confident in your investments? Do you remember why you … Read more

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Why Dividend Investors Should Consider Dividend ETFs

Exchange-traded funds, commonly known as ETFs, have enjoyed a massive boom in the past few years. Assets have steadily migrated away from traditional mutual funds and into major ETFs, particularly index funds like SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY). Investors have … Read more

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How To Buy Stocks in Canada

When you start accumulating savings and you manage to spend less than you earn regularly, you should start to think about making your money work for you. One way to have your money work for you is to buy stocks … Read more

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Dividend Kings versus the S&P 500 Index

There are investors like me who believe that investing in companies with consistently growing dividends will lead to good performance. Collectively, we are known as Dividend Growth Investors or ‘DGI’ for short. But there are others who argue that investing … Read more