Canadian Dividend Achievers: Find Strong Core Holdings

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Dividend Achievers are dividend growth stocks with at least 10 years of dividend growth behind them. It’s the first step in building your master stock list and finding a solid dividend growth stocks.

On the US stock market, there are 3 groups distinctly tracked:

The primary criteria to be on any of those lists is increasing dividend annually. The amount of growth is not important with the filter to be included. One cent will keep you going and that’s why you want to look into the companies further after they make it onto these lists.

On the Canadian front, there is only one list officially tracked but I intend to show who is a Canadian Dividend Achiever.

Note that you can’t access such dividend data point without a specialized stock screener such as Dividend Snaspshot Screeners.

Strategy with Dividend Achievers

When investing, you have to narrow down your choice to one stock before making a purchase. The best investors such as Warren Buffett have a process to select stocks. These list can be your first step in narrowing down your selection.

  1. Have clear investing rules – see my 31 Investing Rules
  2. Make a list of stocks matching your investing criteria
  3. Identify what your portfolio needs
  4. Pick a few options
  5. Research the few options further to select one

Canadian Dividend Achiever Stocks

Below is the list of all the Canadian Dividend Achievers stocks. That’s more than half the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats list and just a little more than the 10-10 stock list.

By Sector

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