Retire With
Dividend Growth

Like you, I struggled initially when I started as a DIY investor, but I discovered a dividend growth investing process that beats the TSX and generates a growing dividend income.

It’s quite simple when you step back and think about it.

Take a moment to check out my 31 dividend investment rules for a better portfolio. It’s the result of years of learning.

Along the way, you will make mistakes. We all do, but see if you can learn from my mistakes and avoid some of them.

Dividends are powerful when you are set up correctly. Be sure to put the magic of compounding to work!

The best dividend stocks in Canada to consider for a winning portfolio. Start with dividend growth, then dividend income.

Invest for low fees or benefit from a DRIP discount. Find the online broker that works for you!

Ensure you don’t pay more than you should in taxes with these tax tips.

Be a Better Investor!

If you earn any dividend, you are part of the Dividend Earner nation!

You are not alone, and many DIY investors like yourself want to succeed with dividend investing. This is as real as it gets! No bullshit, or investing theory; real money is invested.

Come along for the journey, and keep on reading!

Annual Dividends

Make Confident
Investment Decisions

In 2009, I fired my financial advisor and took control of my investments.

Since then, I have shared my dividend growth investing experience. My goal is to build wealth for retirement and financial independence; come along for the journey and learn with me.

My Dividend Income
My Portfolio

You, too, can achieve a growing dividend income with simple but effective tools in selecting your stocks.

Learn to build a Stable &
Growing Dividend Income!

While dividend growth investing is for accumulating wealth, dividend income investing is for the retirement days when you live from your income!

Follow the journey through the monthly dividend income reports.

Dividend income is a factor in your portfolio size. In other words, it’s your portfolio yield. My retired readers have statistically highlighted receiving a 4.5% portfolio yield.

Annual Dividends

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Follow My Journey

From a small $45K portfolio in 2009 to over $1 Million 10 years later!!!

It took nine years to reach $1M.

Everything you need for a successful investing journey through the highs and lows of the stock market. Build confidence and learn from my mistakes and success!

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Dividend Investing Basics

Conquer The Investing Basics

Investing can be overwhelming, and you are not alone if you feel that way!

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Invest with Confidence

Take Control – Invest with Confidence

Taking control means having confidence in your decisions.

Learn to select stocks from critical data points with conviction. Sounds simple but there is a lot to it. Take it one step at a time.

Master Dividend Growth Investing

Master Dividend Growth Investing

Once in control, you should use your compass to optimize your portfolio performance.

Understanding the strength of the Canadian and US markets is also important for optimal return.

Financial Independence with Dividend Income

Financial Independence

We work, save, and invest to reach financial independence, but what happens once you reach your target number?

As a dividend investor, the idea is that your portfolio generates the income to cover your expenses, but you also have taxes to account for.

At this stage, it’s time you be rewarded for your diligent saving & investing and live from your portfolio income. Taxes and withdrawal strategies become important.