Cogeco Inc. is a leading telecommunication and media company based in North America. The company provides cable TV, telephone, and Internet to customers in Ontario, Quebec, and some parts of the US.

The company operates through two subsidiaries - Cogeco Communications (cable, broadband services) and Cogeco Media (radio) and  reports its results through two operating segments: Communications (95% of 2017 revenues) and Other (5%). By geography, Canada accounts for 76% of the company’s revenues while the US constitutes the balance 24%.

Cogeco owns an extensive and advanced network of communication infrastructure consisting of long distance fibre optic systems, advanced hybrid fibre-coaxial broadband distribution networks, point-to-point fibre networks and fibre-to-the-home network technologies. It also owns and operates 13 radio stations across Quebec.

Stock Chart & Metrics

  • Ticker: tse:cgo
  • Sector: Communication Services
  • Industry: Telecommunication Services
  • Market Cap: 0.66B
  • Market Cap Group: Small Cap
  • P/E: 10.46
  • Dividend Yield: 7.30%


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Ticker Ticker Company Market Cap P/E Yield Aristocrat Graph SectorID IndustryID
VZ NYSE:VZ Verizon Communications Inc. 157.28 7.54 7.11 NO 1 2 99
T NYSE:T AT&T 115.90 0.00 6.85 YES 1 2 99
BCE TSE:BCE BCE 49.04 22.07 7.20 YES 1 2 99
T TSE:T Telus 34.99 43.40 6.25 YES 1 2 99
RCI.B TSE:RCI.B Rogers 31.12 28.91 3.41 NO 1 2 99
QBR.B TSE:QBR.B Quebecor 7.14 11.03 3.97 YES 1 2 99
CCA TSE:CCA Cogeco Cable 2.31 5.93 6.59 YES 1 2 99
CGO TSE:CGO Cogeco 0.66 10.46 7.30 YES 1 2 99

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Cogeco - FAQ

What is the stock ticker for Cogeco?

The stock ticker for Cogeco is TSE:cgo.

Is Cogeco a good stock to buy?

You need to consider your investment strategy and how TSE:cgo can fit in your portfolio.

The current dividend income score of 1/10 and dividend growth score of 8/10. Those 2 metrics together should help you decide the fit for your portfolio. Be it for income or for growth.

Is Cogeco a Buy, Sell or Hold?

The Dividend Snapshot Opportunity Score of 71 out of 100.

The score reflects the strength of a buy signal but it does not show a sell signal if it's low. The higher the better.

A sell signal is more difficult as it often relies on the reason you bought the stock in the first place.

How can I buy stocks for Cogeco?

You can easily buy the CGO stock with an online trading platform.

Just make sure the stock fits your risk profile and investment goals.

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