Scene+ vs PC Optimum For Groceries And Other Benefits



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BIG NEWS: Sobeys is now accepting Scene+ rewards cards instead of Air Miles. 

Earning and redeeming points at Sobeys or its subsidiary locations just got a lot easier, and it is relatively like how Loblaws does PC Optimum points. Amid rising grocery prices, students and those struggling in this economy can benefit from the accumulation of points to redeem for groceries, other necessary products, or maybe even gifts.

These programs are also known as loyalty programs. Companies offer incentives like rewards and discounts for customers to stay loyal to that store.

Now the question is, what is the difference between the two? Which one is better for accumulating points to later use for free products?

Quick Summary

Here is a quick look at the differences between earning and redeeming Scene+ points and PC Optimum points. 

To earn points: 

  • They both offer personalized offers and bonus rewards on selected items.

To redeem points: 

  • Scene+: 1,000 points to redeem $10.
  • PC Optimum: 10,000 points to redeem $10. 


The Scene program started in 2007 and was solely a partnership between Cineplex and Scotiabank. Therefore, the points were only redeemable for Cineplex movie tickets and food at Cineplex, with other redeemable options being added throughout the years. 

The Scene+ program began in 2021; Scene and Scotia Rewards merged, which means some of the rewards that go along with a Scotiabank credit card are linked with Scene+ points too. Hence, you could use your Scene+ points for travel, merchandise, restaurants etc. 

Then in 2022, Sobeys became an owner of Scene+, giving members the means to use the Scene+ points for free groceries.

There is no base earning rate on points for your purchases. However, you will get customized offers from some grocery stores like Sobeys and weekly flyer offers. 

How to redeem Scene+ points:

  • Cineplex movie tickets and concessions
  • Playdium & The Rec Room
  • Travel
    • Expedia
  • Groceries
    • Sobeys
    • Safeway
    • Foodland
    • Fresh Co
    • IGA
    • Needs
    • Lawtons
    • Thrift Foods
    • Rachelle-Béry
    • Les Marchés Tradition
  • Restaurants
    • Swill Chalet
    • Harvey’s
    • Etc.
  • Apple, Best Buy & Rakuten Products
  • Gift Cards
  • Statement Credits

How to earn Scene+ points

The easiest and fastest way to accumulate Scene+ points are with the following:

  • Scotiabank Scene+ credit and debit cards
  • Groceries
  • Movie tickets and snacks at Cineplex theatres

PC Optimum

Loblaws originally had a PC Plus program in 2013; in 2014, Loblaws bought Shoppers Drug Mart, which had a Shoppers Optimum program. So, to make things easier, they combined the programs and, in 2018, created the PC Optimum program. 

Loblaws has also owned PC Financial since 2017, where you can get credit cards and a money account tied to your PC Optimum points. 

How to redeem PC Optimum points:

  • Groceries
    • Real Canadian Superstore & Atlantic Superstore
    • No Frills
    • Loblaws
    • Zehrs
    • Independent Grocer
    • Valu-Mart
    • Fortinos
  • Other Stores
    • Joe Fresh
    • Pharmaprix
    • Shoppers Drug Mart
    • The Mobile Shop
  • Gas & Car Washes
    • Esso
    • Mobil

How to earn PC Optimum points

The easiest and fastest way to accumulate PC Optimum points are with the following:

  • Groceries
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Esso/Mobil gas stations
  • PC Mastercard’s

Pairing with Credit Cards

Pairing with a credit card that accumulates points will increase your overall points. For example, with PC Optimum, you can get a PC Financial credit card and link your PC Optimum card to it to accumulate points faster.

Another bonus with PC Financial credit cards is that there are more options for no fees. 

PC Financial also now has a PC Money card, a hybrid bank account used like a prepaid credit card with no account fees.

With Scene+, you can get a Scotiabank credit card linked to your Scene+ account. However, with Scotiabank, not every credit card allows Scene+ points to accumulate. There are only a few options, some being Visa and some American Expresses, so research which is best for you. A reason to consider as well with some of the Scotiabank credit card options, such as American Express, is that not every retailer accepts it.

Scene+ is also available with Scotiabank debit cards!

Which Loyalty Program Is Better?

It all comes down to you and your lifestyle. 

The Scene+ program is excellent for entertainment and restaurant purchases, unlike PC Optimum, which does not offer these options. They are also more flexible when redeeming your points. For example, you can use your points to get a Walmart gift card.

The PC Optimum program is an excellent option for gas through Esso and Mobil and personal care products through Shoppers Drug Mart. 

When looking at the grocery store’s personalized offers and bonus rewards, PC Optimum has the upper hand as they have been around for longer, so they have the most experience with personalizing offers to you.

Both offer smartphone apps through the Apple Store or Google Play to track your collected points and show your weekly offers. You can also see the breakdown of points from your transactions. 

Again, the best option for you is what is most convenient and fits your life the best. So, if Superstore is the most suitable location, work with the PC Optimum cards and credit cards. However, this might be Sobeys for you too!