10 Popular Work From Home Jobs: For Students & New Grads



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For many, working from home has been the new normal since the Covid19 pandemic. However, many people were also laid off because of the pandemic, meaning they have had to look for options elsewhere. 

These options tended to be work-from-home jobs. It has been a tough few years since the pandemic; fortunately, the work-from-home scene has not only expanded but has been made available for more individuals, specifically for individuals who do not have a degree.

Working from home can be a full-time or a part-time job; you can even work from home while having another job on the side. Working from home is flexible, and you can create an excellent work-life balance where the earning potential can be high.

So, whether you wish to switch careers or earn a little extra on the side, you have options!

5 Pros Of Working From Home

As a student, finding flexible work-from-home options is a huge benefit since the rest of the week tends to be used for studying or spending time with friends, or family. 

Here are a few reasons why as a student, you could benefit from working from home. 

The Ability To Set Your Schedule

You have the freedom to work around class schedules and studying time. You can spend more time with family and friends. This also helps reduce stress from rushing to work from school, or vice versa. 

Can Work From Anywhere & Save Money

You can work from the comfort of your own home, on campus, or even when travelling, so there is no stress about taking time off work. You can spend your semester break wherever you want.

Furthermore, working wherever you want can save on commuting and work clothes, for example.  

The Ability To Choose Who You Work With 

With many of these jobs, it tends to be up to you on who you want to work for and who you want to work with; however, don’t be too picky, as it could negatively affect your future hiring opportunities.

Earning Potential Is Limitless

Depending on your chosen job, you could be earning a passive income, or you could have picked up on demand and taken off on your business. 

Builds Independence

Learning to be your boss can be a huge plus and helps you build your character and learn more about what you are capable of. You also have the potential to push yourself and take risks without worrying about a boss watching over you. 

4 Cons Of Working From Home

As a new student, it can be hard to find friends, and the local restaurants or grocery stores often hire students, so finding friends through work is relatively straightforward. So, working from home may not be the best option for some who are struggling to fit into the university or college community. 


As a younger person, it can be hard not to have the support of other colleagues or the social aspect of chatting with colleagues. You can miss out on building relationships with employers and colleagues. It is important to think about how not having the social aspect of work can affect your mental health too. 

Missed Opportunities To Network

Working from home alone can lead to missing out on certain opportunities, including meeting new people in your work area. You may lose opportunities to learn from others’ experiences and knowledge. Networking can also help boost your career so missing out on it can be harmful to the future. 

Discipline Is Important

Having discipline when working for yourself is important as it can decrease productivity if not. So, if you can’t put time aside to do your job, working from home might not be the best, and a scheduled work time might motivate you more. 


Working from home relies on the internet, so if you don’t have good connections in your home or nearby cafes or libraries, it will lessen your ability and productivity to work from home.

7 Work-From-Home Jobs For Students

Although working from home may mean that you do not need to get a post-secondary degree, there may be programs that might be helpful to take to have more knowledge and experience with a position. 

Certificates may be required for some jobs; whether these certificates can be achieved with or without a degree may depend on where you live, and the options available to you. 

Many work-from-home jobs are available and accessible for students as well. As a student, it may be beneficial to have more flexible work so you can work around the school schedule. Many of the options offered are part-time jobs unless you put more time in, keeping in mind that the more time you put in, the more you can earn.

As a student working from home is a great way to kickstart your career and show future employers your entrepreneurial spirit and your hard work ethic. 

Working from home will also build experience with working in the online work community. With technology and society constantly changing, it is beneficial to thrive in that environment and adapt to it, potentially leading to more significant opportunities once you graduate. 

Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

A dog walker or pet sitter is not regular work from home. However, it does not require one to go into an office building.

Furthermore, people love their pets, meaning people love spending money on their pets. Therefore, this is a good way for dog lovers to earn extra cash. 

There is a bonus of getting some exercise too! 

If dog walking does not interest you but you still have a love for animals, then pet sitting might be right up your alley. A pet sitter takes care of someone’s pet while on business or vacation. Sometimes pet owners will allow you to stay in their home while away, so you would be pet sitting and house sitting; however, that would depend on the individual you are working for. 

  • Pay Range: $15 – $25 per hour based on the number of pets
  • Qualifications: Able to walk, and play with pets. Some strength for big dogs.
  • Valuable skills to have: 
    • Love animals
    • Enjoy exercising
  • Where to find work: 
    • Rover.com
    • Community boards
    • Advertise at your local vet clinics

Driver – Skip The Dishes / Uber Eats

With Covid19, food delivery apps and ride-hailing apps have become very popular since it is low human contact. This is not a work-from-home job per se, but it is a work-from-car job.

Most individuals with a licence can become a driver for a food delivery app or a ride-hailing app. 

Although you will earn an income, it is important to keep in mind the cost of fuel and insurance which will diminish your earnings. Another factor to be aware of is that these food deliveries or ride-hailing companies take upwards of 25% of the paid fare. 

However, if you love driving and have time on your hands, then why not pick up some food or a couple of passengers while you’re at it!

  • Pay Range: $10-$20+ per hour
  • Qualifications: Driver’s license, have a vehicle or a bicycle in big cities
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Enjoy driving
    • Enjoy small talk
  • Where to find work:
    • Uber Eats
    • Skip The Dishes
    • Fantuan (Heavily used by the Asian communities)

Online English Tutor/Teaching English Online

An online English tutor or teacher is commonly known to be a job where people can travel while working. Therefore, being an online English teacher can mean teaching children in Canada or elsewhere, such as Japan or Korea. 

This is one of the positions that may require a university or college degree. However, there are options for those who do not have a university or college degree.

Depending on where you go to school, there could be many international students needing support to improve their English or French in Canada. Be clear on how you can help those students as it could be more around speaking vs writing. 

Second generation immigrants tend to speak English and their parent’s language and are often sought out by international students as they can learn the language with the comfort of their culture.

  • Pay range: $14-$30 per hour
  • Qualifications: Native speaker, or can prove fluency in English
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Patient
    • Organized, teaching requires a structure
    • Enjoy teaching/helping others
    • Good with children
  • Where to find work:
    • italki
    • Bulletin boards
    • Student councils


A proofreader reviews final drafts and corrects spelling or grammar mistakes to finalize a school paper, or a document for publication like an article. 

Professionally, a proofreader can get hired by clients who write blogs, book publishers, and magazine or newspaper businesses. 

As a student, other students (international students mostly)  can also hire you to review school papers.

This job often creates a relationship with content writers, hopefully leading to more opportunities such as freelance writing (below) or being a blogger (also below).

  • Pay range: $20-$30+ per paper
  • Qualifications: Good at English. Probably worth showing your grades in English.
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Enjoy reading
    • Attention to detail
    • Easily spot grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors
  • Where to find work:
    • Bulletin boards
    • Student councils
    • Upwork

Freelance Writer / Copywriter

A content writer writes for online businesses for blogs and articles. The content written depends on what the client or company is looking for; it can vary greatly. 

This position will also be helpful to have a niche and specialize in it to receive higher pay potentially.

A copywriter is like a content writer. However, the copywriter’s only purpose is to sell something. They write content for marketing or advertising, to name a couple. 

A copywriter can write taglines, sales letters, or ad descriptions. Companies and people will pay a set salary; sometimes, copywriters may receive commissions for having content that promotes sales. 

The pricing table example below is up to you to define.

  • Pay Range: $20-$300+ per article
  • Qualifications: A major in English can open the door, but in reality, your work portfolio says it all. It’s a different kind of experience compared to writing novels, or papers for school.
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Organized
    • Enjoy learning new topics
    • Enjoy writing
    • Good at researching
    • Understanding of sales and advertising
    • Good at marketing yourself
  • Where to find work:
Upwork Freelance Payment
Upwork example


A transcriber listens to recorded audio and types what they hear. Ideally, a transcriber will usually type about 50-80 per minute. 

If you have skills from a specific industry, you may specialize and get paid more. 

  • Pay range: $15-$30 per hour
  • Qualifications: Excellent understanding of the language, with ability to capture audio expression through text with the appropriate punctuations.
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Experience with typing
    • Attentive to detail
    • Acting, or screenplay writing experience
  • Where to find work:

Translator (Written Translation)

A written translator translates something from an article or a journal, anything written on the internet. Seeing as you must be fluent in both languages, it is not always an easy job; however, if those are skills you have, this is a great opportunity. 

This is another excellent option for students, especially international students who know more than one language. With this knowledge, they can teach new individuals easy lessons to begin. 

There are various translation jobs such as translating a Shopify store, or a full website translation.

  • Pay Range: $15-$35 per hour
  • Qualifications: Deep understanding and knowledge of 2 languages
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Fluent in at least two languages
    • Enjoy working with others
  • Where to find work:

3 Entrepreneurial Work-From-Home Jobs

Many of the above student jobs can lead to entrepreneurial opportunities. Oftentimes, you will learn more about the business of the work you do and get insights on making it on your own.

These entrepreneurial jobs are perfect for students wanting to get started slowly. A student could finish school with a business on the side.

Blogger (Written Content)

A blogger writes about a topic and shares their knowledge on the internet through a content management software such as WordPress or Blogger for example.

A blogger encompasses many skills, from content writing to researching website design. Overtime, you develop networking skills as part of a marketing strategy to grow your blog. 

Note that blogging takes time. First, you must work towards building your blog image, and this can take months. Therefore, it may take time to earn an income from blogging. It usually takes about a year to start getting some traffic. It could be faster if you have a strategy in place when you start.

A few ways to earn an income by blogging are through advertisement, affiliate promotions, sponsored content, or even selling a product of your own. 

Blogging can be done part-time or full-time, however, do not rely on it if you need fast cash because it is a job that takes more time and care to build. 

The biggest chance to succeed is to ensure you can have a topic to focus on – often referred to as a niche.

  • Earnings: ~$50 per 1,000 views in advertisement with affiliate income potential. Different niches have different ad revenue and affiliates.
  • Effort: Minimum to get started, but medium to get traffic and exposure
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Enjoy writing, or sharing experiences
    • Enjoy sharing ideas
    • Enjoy researching
  • Platforms:

YouTuber (Video Content)

Being a YouTuber is another job that would benefit from having a niche. However, you do not have to be an expert; just pick a topic that interests you and press record! 

Becoming a YouTuber will take time and patience, but it helps further develop some skills, such as editing videos. 

Just like blogging, the more traffic you get, the more you can earn in advertising revenue, and you can generate income through the same methods.

The biggest difference with blogging is that you are putting yourself out there. Some people just do voice over, but many succeed by sharing their personality.

Take the leap. Press record and see where the journey will take you!

  • Earnings: $1-$5 per 1,000 views
  • Effort: Minimum to get started, but medium to get traffic and exposure
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Enjoy making videos of yourself or your interest
    • Willing to share with the world
    • Enjoy editing videos
  • Platforms:

Course Creator

If there is a topic that you are passionate about, and you are someone who enjoys helping and teaching others, then this might be a great way to earn some money. It’s almost like writing a book, and doing revision on it.

Like a book, you have to do some marketing and advertising skills to promote the course. See YouTuber above but once you have some momentum, you can sell courses and earn some income without doing any more work.

One way to boost sales is to offer a cut to others willing to help sell your course. Also known as affiliate marketing.

If your idea is something that is in demand, then this is a way that can generate a large passive income. 

  • Earnings: $50 -$1,000 per course
  • Effort: Medium as you usually have to create videos and content
  • Valuable skills to have:
    • Have knowledge of a subject
    • Enjoy teaching others
  • Platforms:

Thinking Long Term Past School

The potential revenue opportunities with work-from-home jobs are infinite. While it can be stressful navigating the in-person work opportunities, work-from-home jobs can be a great way to start earning some money. 

As a student, some of the work-from-home jobs are a good way to build your resume for future employers, or to simply have multiple streams of income. The sooner you get multiple income streams 

With the freedom and independence to set your schedule, and the stress-free environment of working from a safe space, working from home could lead to limitless earnings and opportunities! Don’t hesitate to fill up your bank account!