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Michael Sprung

Michael Sprung regularly provides stock market insights and stock picks on the Business News Network (BNN for short).

  • Company: Sprung Investment Management
  • Title: President
  • Investment Focus: Canadian Large Cap Stocks

Performance Analysis

Performance details for the top picks by Michael Sprung. You can see a breakdown by market cap too as stock selection by market cap is also a skill.

  • Ownership of Top Picks: 58.33%
  • ROI of Top Picks: 13.22%
  • Canadian Stock Coverage: 91.67%
  • US Stock Coverage: 8.33%

You can see a breakdown by market cap too as stock selection by market cap is also a skill.

  • Mega Cap Stock Coverage: 0.00%
  • Mega Cap ROI: 0.00%
  • Large Cap Stock Coverage: 63.89%
  • Large Cap ROI: 28.81%
  • Mid Cap Stock Coverage: 5.56%
  • Mid Cap ROI: 1.93%
  • Small Cap Stock Coverage: 30.56%
  • Small Cap ROI: -17.33%
  • Micro Cap Stock Coverage: 0.00%
  • Micro Cap ROI: 0.00%

BNN Top Picks

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