Dividend Income: April 2023

Dividend Earner

Dividend Earner

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What emotions is going through your head these days when it comes to investing? Lost? Hopefull?

Remember last year when corporations adjusted their earnings and now they are beating them? That’s often a sign the trouble is behind on the stock market. Don’t confuse the stock market with the economic status as the later trails behind.

Will you see discounts in the markets? Not broadly. I believe we are now into specific industry trouble rather than the whole stock market.

Stock Trades

The plays I made in 2022 with Great West Life and Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp are done. I have sold my positions and used the funds to put money in both TFSA accounts.

The Scotia Bank play is still in play and I will hold on to it until the yield goes back to its usual 4%. I have also added more money to the stellar unknown bank known as National Bank.

Our TFSA trades are also in place and one account added to Intact Financial while the other account added to Canadian National Railway.

The goal of our TFSA account is to grow them as big as possible to generate as much tax-free income later on. I reached $199K in one account – oh so close to $200K. How is your TFSA doing?

Portfolio Management

I have a total of 8 Canadian dividend stocks – the best Canadian blue-chip stocks I conclude (excluding BNS). Only 8 Canadian stocks in total. How many do you have? Happy with all of them? Many Canadian investors will have 8 REITs let alone the other companies …

This is where the idea of diversification and conviction plays a key part in your investing mindset.

Portfolio Industry Allocations April 2023
Portfolio Sector Allocations April 2023
Taxable Account April 2023
TFSA Account April 2023
RRSP Account April 2023

Dividend Income

My April 2023 dividend income is $2,601. Your dividend income is a journey but also a data set to optimize your future wealth.

Dividend Income April 2023

Here is what my dividend income has been and how I forecast future dividend income. 22.38% is the average dividend growth since 2010.

The dividend growth includes both new money, DRIP shares, and the dividend growth by the companies.


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