Dividend Income: April 2022

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The turbulence in the market continues and there is nothing predictable considering the world events and the recent interest rate increase.

The above paragraph is from my February 2022 update, and for some reasons, I missed doing my March update but you have my April 2022 update now.

The market correction, or instability, couldn’t be any more pronounced now. In times like this, I like to listen to what Jim Cramer has to say. In a recent Mad Money episode, he talked about the markets and he referenced one person that asked him the following:

  • Did you do your research?
  • Do you have conviction in your picks?

With a yes for both, that person went and bought more of those holdings.

If you want to understand the market crazyness, follow the VIX. The higher it gets, the more exhuberant it is. It’s like a drunk uncle at a family gathering. All over the place and incoherent :/

Stay true to your strategy and don’t be your worst enemy.

Stock Trades

Aside from my company RRSP contribution, I have only invested $12,000 so far since January 2021. My portfolio was up $400K in 2021 and now it’s down $100K as of last weekend.

How do you look at this? Up $300K or down $100K? While I track the information, I actually focus on my annual rate or return.

You can see the growth is not always a straigth line but 2021 was just spectacular. Everyone was making money. Now the real investors are going to be tested.

Portfolio Growth April 2022

Since I have not added any money in 2022 so far, all my trades are from dividends or from selling existing holgings.

In my TFSA, I have sold XQQ ETF and put the money in Canadian National Railway

In my non-registered account, I added to my Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp from dividend earned in April.

With my Activition strategy, I am now in the company of Warren Buffett doing the same and holding ATVI until the acquisition is complete for a 15% profit. Warren Buffett just increased his holdings to 9.5% of the company.

Portfolio Management

The ratios of my sector and industry diversification are pretty similar from month to month in general. It shows the markets are moving all sectors together.

My strategy for my non-registered account is to invest in current holdings and selecting the holding with the highest yield with an attractice 5-year yield. It’s a metric from the Dividend Snapshot Screener.

Portfolio Sector Allocations April 2022
Portfolio Industry Allocations April 2022

Dividend Income

My April 2022 dividend income is $1,124.

I am making my non-registered account a retirement income account now while keeping the other accounts as dividend growth until I get closer to retirement.

That account now generates close to $12K in dividend per year with a yield of 3.84%. I am hoping to get it close to 4.5% with time and new invested money.

Dividend Income April 2022

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  1. Thank you, this stuff is finally beginning to make sense.
    Portfolio end of 2021 was $469,665
    Dividends earned was $15,349.43
    yield was 15349.43/469.66 =3.27%

    is this reasonable?


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