Thinking of trying Stock Rover?

You are about to be given the keys to the Formula 1 of investment data and graphing.

Read the tips below on getting the best out of Stock Rover during your free trial period.

Tip #1 – Try it on a desktop

You are about to try out a powerful stock data platform and you need the largest screen you can use to view the data.

The more data you can see at once, the easier it is to compare stocks.

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Tip #2 – Start with a screener

You already know what a screener is. As such, start with something familiar and make a screener.

Search for Canadian stocks that pay a dividend.

Step 1 – Create a New Screener
Step 2 – Select “All Exchanges” for the Universe at the top
Step 3 – Filter on “Exchange” to pick the Toronto Stock Exchange
Step 4 – Filter on “Dividend Yield” greater than 0.01

You should get about 360 stocks. If you increase the yield, you will reduce the number of stocks.

Stock Rover Screener Filters

If you are struggling, I can share a screener with you and all you do is import it.

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Tip #3 – Use the data that speak to you

Now is the time to use a view and make one.

To get started use the “profile” view as it will give you a generic view of the stocks.

Next, you can create your own view and select from the hundreds of data points. Try using the Chowder Score since they have it. You can add the Graham Number if you are interested and many more.

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