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The benefits of Cross-Listed Stocks

As a Canadian, in order to build up US funds, I have held cross-listed Canadian companies on the US stock exchange to earn dividends in US dollars. When the currency exchange is not on par, that’s one way to generate … Read more

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Get US Dividends From Canadian Stocks

Getting US dividends from Canadian stocks is a lot simpler than you may think even if you feel the US dollar is expensive. The strategy is simple with the right discount broker. Why Get US Dividends from Canadian Stocks? As … Read more

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Dividend Income – October 2014

The markets have been quite tumultuous these past weeks not to mentioned the price of oil impacting the energy sector. These are the moments where you want to have rules in place and follow through with your strategy regardless of … Read more

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Dividend Yield or Dividend Growth?

After looking into the 10-10 strategy form a previous post where you focus on screening stocks based on a 10 percent dividend growth for 10 years. I though I’d compare a hypotethical investment performance between a dividend growth, a dividend … Read more