Dividend Income: August 2020

Dividend Earner

Dividend Earner

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My portfolio is simply on auto-pilot now. If I can DRIP stocks, I DRIP. I don’t earn enough monthly within one account to look into rebalancing with the total amount with respect to the size of my holdings.

As you read through, you will noticed detailed graphs built from all the data I track to monitor and manage my portfolio. Just like an airplane pilot needs its instruments to navigate in the air, I need my investment data to manage my portfolio. Don't manage your portfolio blindly hoping for results, you'll be sorry later.

Stock Trades

No trades. Patiently waiting to see what the economies are going to impact the markets.

With that said, there are some companies that may offer a bargain and I watch like the eagle watching its prey.

Portfolio Management

I find it is not a good time to focus on balancing when the markets are in shambles … I prefer to just focus on the stocks out of favor and the stocks the need to be changed for better ones.

The financial wisdom of portfolio management discusses sector allocation but I have learned that it’s better to focus on the industry. It’s much easier to handle sectors since it’s a small number but I do believe that industry is better.

Sector Alloation August 2020
Industry Allocation August 2020

Dividend Income

My August dividend income is at $2,554. It’s a mix of Canadian and US dividends and I do not convert the USD into Canadian dollars as I keep it in USD. The breakdown is the following:

  • CAD $1,841.87
  • USD $713.10
Dividend Income August 2020
Monthly Yield August 2020