The Successful Investor Newsletter Review

A while back, I discovered Pat McKeough‘s The Successful Investor newsletter. It looked very appealing to me at first glance. The information was very pertinent to my investing goals and felt it could complement my investing. I am always wary of spending money on services but it has been well worth it so far. Pat and his team offer great succinct analysis and pertinent timing.

The Benefits of The Successful Investor

The membership to The Successful Investor provides a monthly newsletter (archived on their web site), weekly updates, and access to all previous newsletters. What makes Pat’s recommendations in the newsletter a perfect fit for me is that they are focused on the long term gain of your portfolio and not some quick get rich scheme. His arguments for the recommendations are always clear and easy to understand.

” Results calculated by Hulbert Financial Digest, an independent authority on published investment advice, show that McKeough’s advice has generally surpassed returns from market averages. ” Quoted from Wikipedia

Along with the newsletter and Pat’s recommendations, you also get daily updates in the form of emails covering multiple topics such as earnings, investor toolkit and news on pertinent companies. The emails really just scratch the surface of the topics but can help you stay on top of news that can affect your investments or learn about investing and strategies.

As an example, The Successful Investor put me on the railway path last year. After buying CNR, I have seen good performances. As it happens though, Pat had recommended CP with all the management changes and their ability to better manage cost but I wasn’t keen on the changes as it takes time to see results. Yet, CP went on to provide great returns since his recommendation.

You can get stock advice that can change your portfolio performances.

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Pat’s Other Investment Publications

  • Canadian Wealth Advisor : A publication focused on safe Canadian investments ranging from stocks to ETFs to REITs. Pat’s focus is on providing investment advice with less risks.
  • Wall Street Stock Forecaster : It’s all about the US with this newsletter.
  • Stock Picker’s Digest : This newsletter is focus on aggressive investments in both the US and Canada.

TSI Network Website

A wealth of resources awaits you on their website. It boast a large amount of information as you can see below. Many topics for investors to improve their skills.

Aggressive InvestingIncome InvestingReal Estate Investing
Bargain StocksIncome TrustsRetirement Planning
Blue Chip StocksInvesting for BeginnersRoyalty Trusts
Capital Gains TaxInvestment CounsellorStock Investing
Commodity InvestmentsMarket AnalysisStock Market
Conservative InvestingMining StocksTax Shelters
Gold StocksMutual FundsTech Stocks
Green StocksPenny StocksTrading Stocks Online
Growth StocksPortfolio ManagementWorld Stock Market

As you can see, there is a wealth of information provided that Pat and his team. The newsletter is always pertinent with respect to economic news such as Loblaw’s purchase of Shoppers or the impact of Verizon on the telecoms. The subscription is the equivalent of 4 transactions with most discount brokers but it can same or make you money for many years to come.

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DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

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