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Cogeco Growth Plans Focus on US Acquisitions

Cogeco Communications is a leading North American communications company, providing internet, video and telephony services to its residential and business customers. It is a subsidiary of Cogeco Inc. The company operates as Cogeco Connexion in Canada, and Atlantic Broadband in … Read more

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Dividend Ambassadors – 10% Dividend Growth

Many investors like to have a process that simplifies the chaos of the stock markets. To that end, indexes and stock lists are created by financial institutions based on pre-determine set of criteria to satisfy the demand for investors. For … Read more

Investment Idea

Get US Dividends From Canadian Stocks

Getting US dividends from Canadian stocks is a lot simpler than you may think even if you feel the US dollar is expensive. The strategy is simple with the right discount broker. Why Get US Dividends from Canadian Stocks? As … Read more

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Dividend Income – March 2017

Are you interested in how Warren Buffett invest? I took a look at his diversification and found it interesting how limited his diversification actually is. When we think diversification, we often think of breaking the sectors evenly but the reality is … Read more

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Dividend Income – January 2017

My dividend income is a simple status report started in 2010 when I switched to dividend investing. The intention is to show proof in what dividend investing can do in the long run. By my estimates, using my dividend tracker, I … Read more

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Dividend Income – November 2016

Only one month left to complete 2016. Your annual dividend income should be nearly locked by now. I am definitely reaching my goal of $12,000 for the year. I am forecasting to easily make $13,000 next year based on my … Read more

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Dividend Income – August 2016

Investing is akin to watching paint dry. Not much happens when you have a long term dividend growth investing strategy. However, when you can regularly invest through savings and dividend income, you need to keep looking for investing opportunities. With my … Read more

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Dividend Income – July 2016

There comes a time when a decision must be done on adding or removing a stock from your portfolio. This week I opted to sell Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. The second dividend drop was a point of no return for … Read more