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Top Canadian Blue Chip Stocks

Can blue chip stocks be part of your winning investment strategy? A successful long-term approach to investing is to pick winning dividend stocks to hold forever and as you probably know, it’s a lot harder to do for a consistent … Read more

Investment Idea

50K Ready To Invest

I have not inherited or won the lottery if you were curious. I am simply transferring my hard earned money to another account. I have decided to execute a transfer from my other RRSP account to bring it over to my … Read more

Preferred Shares or Common Shares

I recently discussed how preferred shares work as an introduction to preferred shares for fixed income. As it turns out, the timing was good as Dividend Ninja made a purchase of preferred shares bringing up the question; Why not buy … Read more

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Dividend Yield or Dividend Growth?

After looking into the 10-10 strategy form a previous post where you focus on screening stocks based on a 10 percent dividend growth for 10 years. I though I’d compare a hypotethical investment performance between a dividend growth, a dividend … Read more

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Dividend Investing With a 10-10 Rule

After watching an interview with Thomas Cameron on Business News Network where he highlighted the 10-10 rule utilized by his investment firms. It is very pertinent to dividend investors since it’s all about the dividend growth. In fact, 10-10 stands for a company … Read more