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[2021 Update] – Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

Looking for the best of the best dividend stocks? The Canadian Dividend Aristocrats list is the perfect place to start. As you start, you can see the list of stocks (Excel export) to learn more about their yield and dividend … Read more

IPL - Inter Pipeline

Inter Pipeline – Long term exposure to oil a risk

Inter Pipeline is an integrated energy infrastructure company in Canada dealing in petroleum transportation, storage, and natural gas liquids processing. Inter Pipeline owns an extensive network of oil pipeline systems spanning over 3,900 kilometers in Western Canada and transports over … Read more

Monthly Dividend Stocks

Best Monthly Dividend Stocks [Income Edition]

Looking for monthly dividend stocks? To start with, don’t be fooled by all the monthly income products such as BMO Monthly Income Fund or TD Monthly Income Funds. A lot of your money is spent on the MER (Management Expense Ratio) … Read more