5 Core Blue Chip Dividend Stocks

At any point in your investing journey, you should identify what your core dividend stocks are as they represent the building blocks for your long-term success. Rarely do we just hold 5 stocks in a portfolio, we probably reach at … Read more

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Dividend Income – May 2016

These days I am buying low dividend yield investment with strong dividend growth (also known as the 10-10 dividend growth stocks) so I can’t expect to see an immediate lift in my monthly dividend income. In fact, the yield of … Read more

2 Core Holdings for Your Portfolio

Most portfolio over time will highlight core holdings based on the investor’s strategy. It will naturally happen mostly because those are the stocks you end up favouring. The core holdings in your portfolio are like your safe haven. You know your … Read more

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Dividend Income – August 2014

Over the past year, I have not really been focusing on adding new holdings but rather increasing my current holdings. I have a good number of holdings that I can manage and I want to make sure I can synthetically … Read more