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The Best Canadian Stock Screeners in 2021

Everybody wants to get rich. Right? To achieve wealth, one can construct an investment portfolio suited to their financial needs. But as a regular DIY investor, it is difficult to decide on which specific stock amongst the thousands of stocks … Read more

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Dividend ETFs – Discover the 3 Pros and 3 Cons

In low-rate environments, high-yielding assets become attractive for those seeking income. Dividend ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are a common choice for income investors. They hold a basket of dividend paying REITs, preferred stocks, or common stocks. Investors have three options … Read more

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How To Calculate Your Rate of Return

Understanding your rate of return (ROR) is critical to understand your portfolio performances. There are just too many ways to do math with stocks but there is only one way to truly calculate the performance of a portfolio. I have … Read more

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The Wealth Triangle Guide

How do you generate wealth through compound growth investing? The concept is very simple but the application through long-term dividend growth investing can be difficult until the steps are broken down. The wealth triangle guide should help you understand how … Read more

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How Many Stocks Should You Own?

Early on in your investing journey, the number of stocks you hold is not really a concern but as your portfolio grows, you start thinking about how many different stocks you should have. There is a tendency to set a … Read more

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How To Maximize Your RRSP

Every year comes the RRSP season. Advertisements will be sent your way until we reach the RRSP deadline and I wanted to discuss how to maximize your RRSP. Financial institutions will want you to invest with them, or even offer … Read more