JNJ - Johnson & Johnson

Steady and Solid Dividends from J&J

Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading healthcare companies in the world, with over one billion people using its products daily. The company has a well-diversified global footprint with the US accounting for 50% of the company’s revenues, and … Read more

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Dividend Income – June 2017

Six months have now passed, and my dividend income so far is $7,497. More importantly, my current annual rate of return (ROR) is 13.72%. Using the rule of 72, I can double my portfolio in 5 years and 3 months. … Read more

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Dividend Income – March 2017

Are you interested in how Warren Buffett invest? I took a look at his diversification and found it interesting how limited his diversification actually is. When we think diversification, we often think of breaking the sectors evenly but the reality is … Read more

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Dividend Income – October 2016

My portfolio currently provides a 3.26% dividend income on the market value at the end of October. In fact, here is what each of my accounts provides in terms of market yield: TFSA: 3.81% RRSP: 2.43% RESP: 4.74% Regular: 4.09% Transfer … Read more

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Easy Investing With Computershare

Are you familiar with Computershare? I learned about the marvels of Computershare in my mid-thirties and I must admit that I wish I had learned about it in my early twenties. I learned about the existence of transfer agents when … Read more