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Dividend Kings versus the S&P 500 Index

There are investors like me who believe that investing in companies with consistently growing dividends will lead to good performance. Collectively, we are known as Dividend Growth Investors or ‘DGI’ for short. But there are others who argue that investing … Read more

Top Dividend Tech Stocks

Technology in the form of electronics and computer hardware are now pervasive throughout our daily life. There is widespread interest in this technology as well as the companies that provider this technology. New gadgets and the latest and best versions … Read more

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OTEX Thrives With Opportunities and Recurring Revenue

OpenText Corp is a leading Enterprise Information Management (EIM) company. It provides software and solutions to companies enabling them to better manage, leverage, and secure their enterprise information. The company’s revenues comprise of customer support (44% of FY18 revenues), cloud … Read more

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Dividend Ambassadors – 10% Dividend Growth

Many investors like to have a process that simplifies the chaos of the stock markets. To that end, indexes and stock lists are created by financial institutions based on pre-determine set of criteria to satisfy the demand for investors. For … Read more

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Top 5 Dividend Technology Stocks

It wasn’t long ago that high-flying technology stocks were one of the last places that investors would look to for dividend income. In the past, technology stocks retained most (or all) of their earnings to fund internal growth. However, the … Read more

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Dividend Income – October 2016

My portfolio currently provides a 3.26% dividend income on the market value at the end of October. In fact, here is what each of my accounts provides in terms of market yield: TFSA: 3.81% RRSP: 2.43% RESP: 4.74% Regular: 4.09% Transfer … Read more