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51 Dual Listed Stocks – Invest Better

As a Canadian, in order to build up US funds, I have held dual listed stocks on the US stock exchange to earn dividends in US dollars. When the currency exchange is not on par, that’s one way to generate … Read more

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Stockchase – Your Stock Analyst Tracker

Stockchase is a great tool for DIY investors. Psst, BNN is now owned by Bell and they have a mailing list that can also update you on picks daily. None of us have access to professional money managers but they are … Read more

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How To Rebalance a Stock Portfolio

Rebalancing a portfolio is a very powerful concept. It allows the investor to systemically sell high and buy low. Index investors do that regularly and there are no reasons why a dividend investor cannot do the same and it doesn’t … Read more

Dividend Growth Investing

Start Dividend Growth Investing in 2 Steps

With many fixed-income investors looking at dividend investing to bridge their income gap, many are focusing on the dividend yield rather than dividend growth. It can be a mistake that will cost them dearly. Don’t overlook the importance of investing … Read more

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Understanding Canadian REITs

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a company that invests in property through purchasing real estate. REITs are alternative assets, uncorrelated to investments like bonds or precious metals. Knowing how REITs work is an important part of understanding proper … Read more

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Tollbooth Stocks for a Tollbooth Portfolio

While I am a dividend growth investor, my stock selection process has everything to do with finding the tollbooth stocks or more specifically subscription business model.  Why is that? Subscription is the easiest model to forecast for businesses and you … Read more