Dividend Growth Investing

TFSA or RRSP – A Simple Decision Process

Canadian investors definitely have a conundrum when it comes to choosing between a TFSA or RRSP – which is actually better? or even which account do you start with first? Good questions and it’s a good problem to have as … Read more

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#1 Canadian Discount Broker

Since I have been investing with dividend growth stocks back in 2009, I have used 6 different Canadian discount brokers (not so discounted back in the day though) and it’s a competitive market out there. One year one dicount broker … Read more

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Top 5 Reasons Why Investing is Important

Investing is important, if not critical, to make your money work for you. You work hard for your money and your money should work hard for you. As it happens, the bank is certainly not breaking a sweat paying you … Read more

Dividend Growth Investing

TFSA Explained – The Ultimate Guide

The Tax-Free Savings Account, or TFSA, is a special type of investment account that provides tax benefits for Canadians. The main tax benefit of this type of account is that investment income earned in a TFSA is not taxed upon withdrawal. It was … Read more

BMO - Bank of Montreal

BMO InvestorLine [2021 Review]

BMO InvestorLine is the discount broker platform from the Bank of Montreal. BMO InvestorLine is probably the most advertised platform for investing I have seen for the past few years. There are two approaches to your account with BMO InvestorLine. … Read more

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Ready to Ditch your Mutual Funds?

You finally figured out that mutual funds may not be for you and you are looking for what to do next. Once you see that the high mutual fund fees take away a lot of your profits, it’s game over … Read more