Founded in 2008, Canoe Financial LP established operations with the acquisition of management of the publicly traded $1.2 billion Canoe EIT Income Fund.  Canoe now manages approximately $4.6 billion in assets across a diversified range of open end mutual funds, and private energy equity products.

Canoe has expanded from its Calgary head office to across Canada, including a significant presence in Toronto and offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal.  Since launching its first mutual funds in February 2011, Canoe has grown its mutual fund assets to more than $2.8 billion, making it one of the fastest growing entities in the Canadian mutual fund industry.

One of Canada’s largest closed-end investment funds, designed to maximize monthly distributions and capital appreciation by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of high quality securities.

Canoe Income Fund Stock Details

  • Ticker: tse:eit.un
  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Industry: Asset Management
  • Market Cap: 2.02B
  • Market Cap Group: Mid Cap
  • P/E: 3.03
  • Dividend Yield: 9.12%

EIT.UN Industry Competitors

The competitive landscape is important as they compete for the same business. Below is the list of competitors in the same industry. While not displayed, a number of metrics you can also use to evaluate your picks are the Chowder Score, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Graham Number, and the Piotroski F-Score.

Ticker Ticker Company Market Cap P/E Yield Aristocrat Graph SectorID IndustryID
BLK NYSE:BLK BlackRock 113.35 19.66 2.60 NO 1 7 17
BAM.A TSE:BAM.A Brookfield Asset Management 112.63 21.97 1.04 YES 1 7 17
BK NYSE:BK Bank of New York Mellon Corporation 36.28 10.77 3.30 NO 1 7 17
AMP NYSE:AMP Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 31.28 12.12 1.73 NO 1 7 17
TROW NASDAQ:TROW T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. 29.85 12.19 3.63 YES 1 7 17
BEN NYSE:BEN Franklin Resources, Inc. 14.46 7.04 4.00 YES 1 7 17
IGM TSE:IGM IGM Financial 9.12 9.56 5.86 NO 1 7 17
IVZ NYSE:IVZ Invesco Ltd. 8.67 7.39 3.93 NO 1 7 17
BIPC TSE:BIPC Brookfield Infrastructure Partners 6.76 0.00 3.01 NO 1 7 17
ONEX TSE:ONEX ONEX Corporation 6.10 4.26 0.56 YES 1 7 17
CIX TSE:CIX CI Financial 3.03 7.16 4.56 NO 1 7 17
EIT.UN TSE:EIT.UN Canoe EIT Income Fund 2.02 3.03 9.12 NO 1 7 17
SII TSE:SII Sprott 1.27 38.02 2.62 NO 1 7 17
AD.UN TSE:AD.UN Alaris Equity Partners 0.84 5.78 7.15 NO 1 7 17
FSZ TSE:FSZ Fiera Capital Corp 0.84 24.30 8.48 YES 1 7 17
GCG TSE:GCG Guardian Capital Group 0.80 5.78 3.20 NO 1 7 17
AGF.B TSE:AGF.B AGF Management 0.46 9.22 5.97 NO 1 7 17
CLP.UN TSE:CLP.UN International Clean Power 0.16 0.00 6.00 NO 1 7 17
BGI.UN TSE:BGI.UN Brookfield Glbl Infrstrctr Scrty Incm Fd 0.10 7.54 10.08 NO 1 7 17
MID.UN TSE:MID.UN Mint Inc 0.10 3.99 6.70 NO 1 7 17
RBN.UN TSE:RBN.UN Blue Ribbon Income Fund 0.08 5.50 5.95 NO 1 7 17
INC.UN TSE:INC.UN Income Financial 0.04 6.98 11.45 NO 1 7 17
MDS.UN TSE:MDS.UN Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund 0.03 23.90 2.44 NO 1 7 17
MMP.UN TSE:MMP.UN Precious Metals 0.03 0.00 6.09 NO 1 7 17
BSO.UN TSE:BSO.UN Brookfield Select Opportunities 0.03 22.92 11.28 NO 1 7 17
CIQ.UN TSE:CIQ.UN Canadian High Income 0.01 5.57 6.44 NO 1 7 17

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Canoe EIT Income Fund - FAQ

What is the stock ticker for Canoe EIT Income Fund?

The stock ticker for Canoe EIT Income Fund is TSE:eit.un.

Is Canoe EIT Income Fund a good stock to buy?

You need to consider your investment strategy and how TSE:eit.un can fit in your portfolio.

The current dividend income score of 7/10 and dividend growth score of 4/10. Those 2 metrics together should help you decide the fit for your portfolio. Be it for income or for growth.

Is Canoe EIT Income Fund a Buy, Sell or Hold?

The Dividend Snapshot Opportunity Score of 46 out of 100.

The score reflects the strength of a buy signal but it does not show a sell signal if it's low. The higher the better.

A sell signal is more difficult as it often relies on the reason you bought the stock in the first place.

Use A Winning Investment Strategy

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