Stockchase – Your Stock Analyst Tracker

Stockchase is a great tool for DIY investors. Psst, BNN is now owned by Bell and they have a mailing list that can also update you on picks daily.

None of us have access to professional money managers but they are regularly interviewed on Business News Network (BNN). One of BNN’s segments bring portfolio managers and analysts to discuss various stocks.

As a DIY investor, having access to information and insight can be very difficult and Stockchase gives you a daily summary of the stocks mentioned on the program along with the comments. You can use the wealth of investing information from analysts for your own stock selection process.

What is Stockchase?

Stockchase is owned by Wealthica and has gone through a face lift since the acquisition. While there is a fair amount of ads, the same great content is present. That’s really all that matters to me as I interact only through the emails.

The short summary of Stockchase can be defined as a stock commentary aggregator from a popular BNN segment. Historical comments and inputs on each stock is tracked for review.

If you are simply researching a stock, you can use the tools available on the site. You can query a company and get a full list of comments on that company for many years. It will go back many years and will show what every experts had to say about it and their recommendation:

  • Top Pick
  • Past Top Pick
  • Buy
  • Hold
  • Sell
  • Don’t Buy
  • Comment

Below is an example for Royal Bank TSE:RY when you look at Stockchase on the website.

Stockchase - Royal Bank Comments

If you end up trusting a particular expert, you can search that expert for their comments and see their top picks. Obviously, you need to use Stockchase and the comments as information in your research. What I like about some of the comments is that they may share some information that isn’t obvious through numbers. My dividend stock lists speak about the companies through numbers but a company is more than numbers and understanding the reason behind the numbers can often lead to buying a stock on the cheap or out of favour.

Your stock selection process could benefit from a last check on what analysts have to say that numbers don’t tell. Having a list of stock you monitor can really help.

Stockchase Email Notification

This is the best part of the framework. Register your email and enter the stocks you follow to get updates on them. Below is an example of the Comments From Experts for that day. You can also get an email for the Top Picks.

The emails are delivered daily so you don’t have to go to the website until it’s time to make your final decision if you need more information. There are 2 types of emails you can sign up to and both are worth it.

  • Top Picks Alerts
  • Watch List Alerts

A very nice touch on their part is the option to choose when you want the communication sent to you.

Stock Chase Email

With the emails, you get to receive what consists of hours of commentaries filtered down to the pertinent comments right to your doorstep.

Stockchase On The Go

There is a mobile app you can use and connect your account but the interface is not the same as the web version. It’s missing a few bells and whistles from the web but it has an interesting take on getting users to vote on a stock. While you can give the thumbs up or down, you don’t have the option of being neutral. An option I would like to have.

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