Dividend Income: September 2020

Dividend Earner

Dividend Earner

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We are about to get tested. The next few months are going to be rocky between the US elections and the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t panic and make sure you know the companies you hold and why you hold them.

As you read through, you will noticed detailed graphs built from all the data I track to monitor and manage my portfolio. Just like an airplane pilot needs its instruments to navigate in the air, I need my investment data to manage my portfolio. Don't manage your portfolio blindly hoping for results, you'll be sorry later.

stocks. With the proceeds I simply added to AbbVie Inc and Johnson & Johnson.

I bought JP Morgan Chasebefore all the economic challenges as it appeared to be bound to rebound but it’s the opposite that we have now. As I have often been saying, when faced with a down stock, the question is what you do next. I did lose a little bit of dividend income but I am expecting it to be for the better.

Portfolio Management

For Canadians, you’ll notice that if you want good stable dividend income, you will over-index on financials, utilities and telecom stocks. Since my portfolio is slowly transitioning towards an income portfolio, I have a mix of high-dividend growth and high-dividend income stocks.

Take a minute to look at the sector breakdown compared to the industry breakdown. You will notice that my financials are mostly broken down into Canadian Banks and US Credit Card stocks and my risk exposure differs. I have a little bit of insurance sprinkled in there.

Sector Allocation September 2020
Industry Allocation September 2020

Dividend Income

My September dividend income is at $2,928. I am flirting with the $3,000 mark … I DRIP everywhere except in my non-registered account. It’s the only account I can add money once the TFSA is full and since the account is now closed to $200K in value, I want to add the dividends to specific holdings.

Here is the income breakdown.

  • CAD $2,2184.99
  • USD $727.83
Dividend Income September 2020
Monthly Yield September 2020