Dividend Income – October 2016

My portfolio currently provides a 3.26% dividend income on the market value at the end of October. In fact, here is what each of my accounts provides in terms of market yield:

  • TFSA: 3.81%
  • RRSP: 2.43%
  • RESP: 4.74%
  • Regular: 4.09%
  • Transfer Agents: 4.30%

The low RRSP dividend yield comes from holding strong dividend growth stocks.

Stock Trades

I initiated a small position with AbbVie Inc (NYSE:ABBV) this past month. Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) is a great Blue Chip stock but that’s my only healthcare stock and I wanted to have another holding in that sector. In general, I would like at least 2 holdings per sector where possible. I always initiate a position if I have $1,000 in the currency I want to invest in when possible.


The Canadian banks continue to perform really well and lift my financial sector and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been phenomenal since I have purchased it. It has become my best performing holding.

Dividend Income

My October dividend income adds up to $1,000.65. I am not exactly earning $1,000 per month yet but on average I am. My average for the last 10 months is $1,039. Next target is now $1,200 per month on average. $1,100 is too easy with future dividend growth so aiming a little higher to save a little more if needed.


For the longest time, I have been breaking down my dividend income between US and Canadian investments and thought I would share how it looks between each of my accounts. You can also see what each of my accounts holds in my stock holdings section.

So far this year, I have earned the following dividend income per accounts. The RESP account is built to generate income overgrowth due to the investment horizon and that’s why it’s ahead of my TFSA and Regular accounts in dividends. Aside from the US index ETF in that account, all the other holdings provide a dividend income greater than 4% which is not the case with my other holdings in other accounts.

  • TFSA: $1,830.06
  • RRSP: $3,797.83
  • RESP: $2,401.04
  • Regular: $1,818.88
  • Transfer Agents: $195.33


DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this blog post represents my opinion and not an advice/recommendation. I am not a financial adviser, I am not qualified to give financial advice. Before you buy any stocks/funds consult with a qualified financial planner. Make your investment decisions at your own risk – see my full disclaimer for more details.
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