Dividend Income – October 2015

Dividend Income - October 2015Looks like the markets are back to their normal behavior. While the value of your portfolio may have danced with the markets, if you are a dividend investor, your income certainly impacted as much if at all. I know my returns were not and where I can DRIP, I simply picked stocks on a bargain.

Dividend Income

My October dividend income is $844.75. I have not invested any money in the last couple of months so this income won’t increase and I will not meet $1,000 for the year. It’s simple math considering all the dividend increase have happened already. It’s up over July 2015 which is a good trend to have.

Dividend Income - October 2015



Some of the earnings have come out in this past week and there are strong results from US companies. As a Canadian, I hope you realize the importance of leveraging the power of US investments in your portfolio. When the Canadian dollar was at par, I bought a lot of US companies. In fact, I bought well over $100K and it plays a major part in the strength of my portfolio. The Canadian market is just not behaving like the US market these days with many energy and natural resources still struggling. Those sectors hamper a lot of companies on the TSX. The drag of the TSX also makes for opportunities; are you buying?

Below is my ratio of investments by currency. You should also note that all the US investments are in my RRSP account for tax purposes. If you hold US stocks, are you selling to gain from the currency? I am not since the US is providing me with the best performance in growth. Microsoft, for example, is performing like a utility company across the world without federal pricing regulations.

Currency Ratio - October 2015

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