Dividend Income – November 2018

With the markets fluctuating, I see opportunities. While I would normally build up my cash for my upcoming $6,000 TFSA contribution for 2019 (x2 for my spouse), I decided to take advantage of the market swings and do some buying.

Stock Trades

November has been an active month. In fact, I pretty much bought broke my diversification strategy and loaded up on financials during the month.

Nothing wrong with the Brookfield holdings, just saw an opportunity in other companies. As for BCE, it’s a solid company but I prefer Telus. I just had a small position in it and decided to trim it.

Here is what my diversification looks like after November. While my diversification ratios are not on target my stock exposure in the overall portfolio doesn’t go over 6%. I would like to target 5% but my winners keep on winning…

Portfolio Diversification - November 2018

Dividend Stocks Portfolio

Dividend Income

My November 2018 dividend income is $1,650.69. It’s a $419 increase over the same month last year and represents a 34% increase.

At the end of the year, I like to plan the next year and forecast where I land. After setting up all of my accounting using my portfolio tracker, I can see my dividend income is going to be up by 10%. My average annual dividend growth is currently at 22.68% which is based on dividend increases and new money invested. I forecast my future with 17.68% just to be safe.

Dividend Income - November 2018

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