Dividend Income – November 2016

Dividend Income - November 2016Only one month left to complete 2016. Your annual dividend income should be nearly locked by now. I am definitely reaching my goal of $12,000 for the year.

I am forecasting to easily make $13,000 next year based on my dividend tracker looking ahead. Based on my planned contribution goals, I am going to target $13,700 in dividend income for 2017. I am not chasing high yield stocks so it has to come from dividend growth and newly invested capital.

Stock Trades

I do not trade very often but I made some changes in November and dumped 2 stocks. They are not bad stocks but it was time to let them go. I decided to sell Manulife TSE:MFC as well as AT&T (NYSE:T). In simple terms, the dividend growth was not in line with my current investment strategy. I did not buy any new holdings, I just added to some of my holdings such as (NYSE:V, NASDAQ:AAPLNYSE:ABBV and TSE:T).


The dividend yield is not my primary criteria as you can see and along with my 7 Investing Principals, dividend growth and dividend increases play a big role in the overall growth of my portfolio.

Dividend Income

My November dividend income adds up to $974.51. Slow and steady wins the race. At this point, I have a lot of dividend achievers with a 10% CAGR dividend growth so I should expect many of my dividend holdings to pay me an extra 10% over the coming year.

Dividend Income November 2016

One of my best decision was to buy US stocks when the Canadian dollar was on par with the greenback. Not so much for the currency gain but for the performance of the US stocks. In fact, I started buying VFV in my RESP account to get more exposure to the US stock market. The ETF appreciation is 17.64% since I bought it. This is a case where I put more value on the investment growth over the dividend as VFV doesn’t pay much with a dividend yield of 1.45%.

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