Dividend Income – March 2014

Dividend Income - March 2014Already one quarter behind us. My income for the first quarter is now at $1,767.24. Not bad but it doesn’t pay the bills yet. Paying my mortgage is high on my to do list so that I need less income over time. I would like to remind everyone that the best way to increase my dividend income is by investing more money which means saving more money where I can.

As a summary, you can see what my dividend income has been for the past 4 years:

  • 2010 : $3,745 with $6,052 in contributions
  • 2011 : $4,752 with $8,824 in contributions
  • 2012 : $5,782 with $12,166 in contributions
  • 2013 : $6,303 with $21,477 in contributions
  • 2014 : should be good! Keep on following my progress.

Annual Dividends

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Dividend Income

March 2014 is a good dividend income month with $628.17. I can’t wait until I reach $700 per month. It doesn’t look to be in the cards for this year though but I will get close to it. Out of this dividend income, $255 comes from my income investments in my RESP portfolio. What this means is that when I near retirement and start switching my portfolio away from dividend growth stocks to income investments, my income should go up by a good margin.

My portfolio is up 56% since 2009 when I officially took control over everything. This growth isn’t based on dividend income but on stock growth so it’s important that you consider equity growth vs income growth during your investing years. As I still am years away from retirement,  my focus is primarily on stock growth through diligent dividend investing.

Dividend Income - March 2014

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