Dividend Income – December 2018

It’s a new year with a new contribution room for the TFSA account. The best part is that for 2019 the limit was increased by $500 to $6,000. That’s an extra $500 of tax-free investing.

For the 2018 year, my total dividend income has reached $19,002. Not quite $20K but it will definitely be there for 2019 considering the amount of money added, the amount of money I will add and the dividend growth expected. I own many dividend ambassadors that provide me with strong dividend growth.

Dividend Ambassadors – 10% Dividend Growth

Stock Trades

I made two transactions in December. One to be expected and one not to be expected.

  • Increased position in TD TSE:TD
  • Started a position in Alphabet (aka Google)

Alphabet is my first non-dividend stock since I started with dividend investing back in 2009. I have been watching it on the sideline for many years and it’s just a solid business with growth across many technical innovations. The holding represent 3% of my portfolio as of writing. It’s not a gamble or a short term investment, it’s a long-term investment within the technology sector. The pullback created an entry opportunity I took advantage.

I ask you to properly look at the chart below, the sectors I am overweight in, have been discounted and I have been buying. I am doing the opposite of what others are doing. I am not looking for a recession-proof stock, those are not discounted anymore since investors have been flocking to them in the down market.

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
– Warren Buffett

Portfolio Diversification - December 2018

Check out my portfolio, I have updated the table and I share how long I have had the investments and the dividend income ratio the investment provides.

Dividend Stocks Portfolio

Dividend Income

My December 2018 dividend income is $1,692. In total, I have earn and reinvested $19K this past year. It’s a $3,300 increase over 2017.

Dividend Income by Month - December 2018

In fact, my “as is” forecast based on today’s dividend is a $20K but my forecast including the dividend growth and new money puts my 2019 dividend income at $22,500. Below is the graph representing my dividend income since I started with a portfolio around $100,000. It’s now worth $760,000 and I have earned a total of $86,730 in dividend since 2010. Learn from my mistakes.

Dividend Income - Total 2018


DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

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