Dividend Income – December 2017

Dividend Income - December 2017With 2017 behind us, it’s time to reflect and establish your action plan for 2018. The deals were definitely not easy to find but could still be found. Don’t dwell on 2017 and learn from it then figure out your action plan.

In some cases, you could simply add to your winners and in others, you may have to plan on doing some dollar cost averaging. One thing that is clear to me is that you should always be invested. Staying on the sideline waiting for doomsday means your money is not working for you and it highlights that you fear a stock drop. The fear may come from not being confident in your stock selection.

I am reminded of a quote …

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.
– Warren Buffett

Stock Trades

No trades in December. As I have been discussing, I only have 1 stock in the industrial sector which represent 7.43% of my portfolio. Based on my portfolio management rules, I am targetting having under 5% of exposure per stock and I should have 2 stocks in the industrial sector to cover my target of 10% exposure in the industrial sector.

Sector Diversification – December 2017

I am sitting on CAD$17,000 cash from previous adjustment and my TFSA contribution for 2018 which should help rectify the industrial sector. I just need to pick the industrial stock and I am still undecided although MMM is high on my list.

Portfolio Diversification - Decmber 2016

Dividend Triangle – Stock Selection Made Easy

Dividend Income

My December dividend income is $1,413.71. My portfolio has an annual rate of return of 13.04% since inception. It continues to beat the index by 3% which validates my approach to portfolio management and stock selection. I compare my portfolio by simulating a purchased in the TSX and SP500 indexes when I make my own purchase. It’s the most accurate comparison I can imagine

I made $15,703 in dividend for 2017. It represents a 24% growth over 2016 which is a factor of dividend growth and new money being invested.

Dividend Income - December 2016

You can see my growth of dividend income over the years. A systematic approach leads to a growing dividend income year after year.

Total Dividend Income 2017

DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

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