How To Buy Bonds

Over time, bonds should find a place in your portfolio. How much you should have will definitely depend on your investment strategy and appetite for market swings. If you are in the market for bonds, you can get in on … Read more

Tollbooth - Icon

The Tollbooth Portfolio

While I am a dividend growth investor, my stock selection process has everything to do with the tollbooth or subscription business model.  Why is that? Subscription is the easiest model to forecast for businesses and you can build a relationship … Read more

Kid Shares

How To Transfer Shares To Your Kids

For the longest time, I have been an income-focused investor. I remember when I started working, I did not have much money to invest and I invested in mutual funds telling myself “if I can have more money to invest … Read more

ESPP : Taxes, Selling, and Retirement

ESPP is a benefit many employees at publicly traded companies benefit from. In many cases, the benefit is seen almost like a retirement plan and many employees keep their ESPP for a long time. The challenge with holding all of … Read more