Ready to Ditch your Mutual Funds?

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[3 Key Factors] Pay off your mortgage or invest?

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Top 20 Dividend Stocks

Smith Manoeuvre – When Should You Consider It

The Smith Manoeuvre is a strategy that allows Canadian home owners to convert their mortgage into a tax deductible investment. It’s often referred to as the Canadian Tax Deductible Mortgage. South of the border, our American friends benefit from having … Read more


Tangerine Bank – I am Loving it!

ING Direct Canada has made the transition to Tangerine quite well and I am loving it. All the expectations you had for ING Direct Canada are still met under Tangerine. In fact, on June 2014 you will be able to use … Read more


Tangerine – My Switch to NO Bank Fees

I finally made the switch! In fact, I had originally applied a year ago but never got around to sending a cheque to activate the account. I was determined to not have bank fees, not be held hostage by needing … Read more

Best US Credit Card for Canadians

Many Canadians shop south of the border either online or physically. With all your transactions, there is an exchange rate applied whether you pay with a Canadian credit cards or cash. Banks will rob you if you exchange your money … Read more

Best Mortgage Calculator

Often times, when you want to make a decision about your mortgage, you want to try different mortgage interest rates and different mortgage terms to see where you land. I do that quite often. When I get a raise, I … Read more

How To Review Your Financial Plan

The subject of budget has been a recurring topic at home these past weeks. With all the news around real estate cost and families struggling to balance their budgets, my wife and I were discussing why so many struggle. Could … Read more