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How To Use Stockchase & Keep Tabs on Analysts

Stockchase¬†is a great tool for DIY investors. Psst, BNN is now owned by Bell and they have a mailing list that can also update you on picks daily. None of us have access to professional money managers but they are … Read more

BNS - Scotia Bank

Scotia iTRADE Review

Scotia iTRADE is the discount broker platform from Scotiabank. It’s a comparable platform to all the other bank owned discount brokers. I used to be with Scotia iTRADE long ago. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t with Scotia iTRADE by choice since … Read more

BMO - Bank of Montreal

BMO InvestorLine Review

BMO InvestorLine is the discount broker platform from the Bank of Montreal. BMO InvestorLine is probably the most advertised platform for investing I have seen for the past few years. There are two approaches to your account with BMO InvestorLine. … Read more

RY - Royal Bank

RBC Direct Investing [2020 Review]

When looking for a discount broker, don’t just think about the transaction fees. Learn everything you need to know about the platform to invest with success based on your strategy. The fees are only one factor. In fact, focusing too … Read more

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Choose a Financial Advisor or Robo Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor requires having the right information. In this short guide, we talk about the role of a financial advisor and delve into robo advisors available in Canada to help you make the right choice for your wealth … Read more


Questrade Review (A Real Investor Review)

This Questrade review will establish Questrade as a serious player in the discount broker market. In fact, it’s the BEST platform for new and small investors. Read on to learn why it’s the perfect discount broker to start with and … Read more