[6 Key Signals] When Do you Sell a Stock

Long-term investing doesn’t mean blind investing. It means your focus is on holding solid companies to profit over a long period of time. A long period of time is not forever. It’s not until death do us part. Once you … Read more


Compound Growth Benefits

One thing that most investors realize quickly is that you can’t get 10% interests at the bank. You hardly get any return on your money. My dad often reminds me how he was investing at above 10% in the early … Read more

Cross Listed Stocks - Icon

The benefits of Cross-Listed Stocks

As a Canadian, in order to build up US funds, I have held cross-listed Canadian companies on the US stock exchange to earn dividends in US dollars. When the currency exchange is not on par, that’s one way to generate … Read more

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Behind the Snapshot Opportunity Score

The Snapshot Opportunity Score is my proprietary formula for assessing the purchase timing of a stock. It’s a great technical indicator to see if a stock is ripe for purchase compare with others in its sector or the screener. It’s not … Read more