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Building a Beginner Portfolio

Where and how to start a beginner portfolio is a question all investors ask at one point in their investing journey. I was there once and I needed to figure it out on my own with the help of a … Read more

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[6 Key Signals] When Do you Sell a Stock

Long-term investing doesn’t mean blind investing. It means your focus is on holding solid companies to profit over a long period of time. A long period of time is not forever. It’s not until death do us part. Once you … Read more

Retire in Canada

Compound Growth Benefits

One thing that most investors realize quickly is that you can’t get 10% interests at the bank. You hardly get any return on your money. My dad often reminds me how he was investing at above 10% in the early … Read more

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Behind the Snapshot Opportunity Score

The Snapshot Opportunity Score is my proprietary formula for assessing the purchase timing of a stock. It’s a great technical indicator to see if a stock is ripe for purchase compare with others in its sector or the screener. It’s not … Read more

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Model Retirement Portfolio

The focus of a dividend retirement portfolio is to generate enough income to cover expenses, have the income keep up with inflation and avoid depleting the portfolio. Unlike the generalized retirement approach, depleting the portfolio is not the primary strategy … Read more

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Dividend Kings versus the S&P 500 Index

There are investors like me who believe that investing in companies with consistently growing dividends will lead to good performance. Collectively, we are known as Dividend Growth Investors or ‘DGI’ for short. But there are others who argue that investing … Read more