Best Investing Podcasts

Over the past year, I switched from listening to the radio in the morning to listening to investment podcasts to keep up with the markets and stay current on some companies. It fills up my ride to work in the morning. In the evening I tend to relax while listening to music though. I initially posted my list last year in may 2013 and I am providing an update as we have newcomers in the field!

Depending on the length of your drive to work, different podcasts may be more applicable but I have found a few podcasts that I really cycle amongst them.

Best Investing Podcasts

1. Mad Money with Jim Cramer

I admit I am surprised to put Cramer as my first. After one podcast, I wasn’t convinced. After 2 weeks, I am convinced it’s the best that I found right now. It’s not like I am going to execute on any of the recommendations but you do learn about different sectors. You also learn about very specific companies in details with CEO interviews. I also like the battles he does between companies and every now and again, blue chips and dividend stocks are mentioned in his color commentary :)

Don’t be fooled by the mad money. Cramer is a dividend lover deep inside.

  • Occurrence: weekdays.
  • Topics: strictly about investing – all kind of investing.

2. Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents has a good podcast. I just picked it up and with 24 episodes under his belt, I got some catch up to do. It’s a quality recording, easy to listen to and just about the right length for a car commute or a dog walk. I am only a few episodes in and his podcast with his wife really brings family finance down to earth. I am looking forward to his future podcast.

  • Occurrence: weekly.
  • Topics: personal finance and investing.

3. The Dave Ramsey show

Dave has a no nonsense approach to money management and you’ll get to hear his perspective on many money issues from callers on the show. It’s not about investing but I still think it deserves to be up there as investing is only possible if you are not drowning in debt and Dave’s approach is all about getting you out of debt and taking control of your money.

  • Occurrence: weekdays.
  • Topics: taking control of money.

4. Motley Fool Money

Surprisingly quite good. There are many guests on the show and they are quite interesting. Market news are being discussed as well as many companies through the view of a few different investors with different investing approaches. I like how you get to hear from different investing style and see what they think from their perspective.

  • Occurrence: weekdays.
  • Topics: strictly about investing – all kind of investing.

5. Mostly Money – Mostly Canadian

Preet’s podcast, from Where Does All My Money Go,  was the second podcast I listen to in my entire podcast experience. Despite the explicit language, the interviews are quite good. Mostly about how mutual funds are robbing you and the economy. I wasn’t learning about investing but getting insights into the mutual funds’ industry and the financial advisors is always good. I quite like the interviews and guests he has on the show.

  • Occurrence: random.
  • Topics: market news and guests.

6. Money Talks with Michael Campbell

News are being discussed as well as many companies through the view of a few different investors with different investing approaches. I am not too keen on the format as it spans a few podcast to get the full content of the interviews.

  • Occurrence: weekdays.
  • Topics: money, market and investing.


Those are the contenders I tried to listen to and see if the format and content was pertinent and captivating. They did not strike an interest for me after listening to them. The CNBC ones are obviously from TV but I don’t happen to have heard them before. I may need more exposure to them to be interested.

  • NPR: Planet Money Podcast
  • CNBC’s “Fast Money”
  • CNBC’s “On The Money”

I actually don’t need too many podcast, to be honest as I only drive 5 days a week and Cramer already has a daily show to keep me busy. Between The Motley Fool and Cramer, I get a very good diversification and exposure to many companies and markets.

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