Best Gold Stocks In Canada: The Gold Kings

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Investing in Gold can be ‘seen’ as a haven for many when confidence is low in the markets and the economy. Gold value per ounce is a regular metric being shared globally through daily news alongside a country’s currency and oil prices.

Regardless of your motivation to invest in gold, there are several ways to be exposed to gold; from buying gold bullion to investing in gold mining companies to investing in precious metal ETFs. In some cases, you can even have dividend-paying gold mining stocks.

Invest in Gold Bullion

If you want to own gold as is, then the bullion is for you. Investing in gold bullion is similar to buying currency in a way. You buy it at a certain price and hold it until you want to sell it. Gold prices fluctuate over time and it’s rated by the ounce.

To buy gold bullion, you can always use the Canadian Mint. There is a lot of information for buying, storing and trading precious metals with the Canadian Mint.

Invest in Gold ETFs

Above are just a few of the gold-producing companies out of many. Newmont, Barrick Gold, and Franco-Nevada are the top three major dividend-paying stocks if you want to invest in individual stocks.

If you are just getting started with gold, it might be easier to just get a gold ETF and buy a little bit of the many gold producers through an ETF. XGD from iShare tracks the S&P/TSX Global Gold Index Fund and contains 39 holdings. 

iShare Gold ETF
Source: iShares S&P/TSX Global Gold Index ETF

Invest in Gold Dividend Stocks

These are some of the major players in the gold mining industry that paid a dividend with some amount of consistency. There are at least 13 dividend gold stocks on the TSX from what I can see today but only 4 have increased the dividend for more than 1 consecutive year.

Gold stocks tend to be inconsistent with dividends but again that’s not usually the reason for someone to invest in gold.

Ticker Ticker Company Market Cap P/E Yield Aristocrat Graph SectorID IndustryID
NGT TSE:NGT Newmont 68.73 0.00 2.29 NO 1 1 46
AEM TSE:AEM Agnico Eagle Mines 47.55 75.41 2.28 YES 1 1 46
ABX TSE:ABX Barrick Gold 42.71 21.98 2.24 YES 1 1 46
WPM TSE:WPM Wheaton Precious Metals Corp 35.17 44.12 1.09 YES 1 1 46
FNV TSE:FNV Franco-Nevada Corp 33.61 0.00 1.12 YES 1 1 46
K TSE:K Kinross Gold 13.37 23.08 1.50 NO 1 1 46
AGI TSE:AGI Alamos Gold 9.26 33.17 0.59 NO 1 1 46
YRI TSE:YRI Yamana Gold 7.57 21.87 2.03 NO 1 1 46
BTO TSE:BTO B2Gold 5.14 0.00 5.53 NO 1 1 46
OR TSE:OR Osisko Gold Royalties 4.21 0.00 1.06 NO 1 1 46
CEE TSE:CEE Centamin PLC 2.55 20.94 2.48 NO 1 1 46
CG TSE:CG Centerra Gold 2.11 28.26 2.85 NO 1 1 46
DPM TSE:DPM Dundee Precious Metals 2.04 7.94 1.94 NO 1 1 46

Agnico Eagle Mines

tse:aem | Basic Materials | Gold

Dundee Precious Metals

tse:dpm | Basic Materials | Gold


tse:bto | Basic Materials | Gold

Franco-Nevada Corp

tse:fnv | Basic Materials | Gold