How To Review Your Financial Plan

The subject of budget has been a recurring topic at home these past weeks. With all the news around real estate cost and families struggling to balance their budgets, my wife and I were discussing why so many struggle. Could … Read more

Why Hold High Yield Stocks

High yield investments can play a part in your portfolio. Even though I am a fan of the 10-10 rule of investing which focuses on the growth of a dividend stock,a high yield dividend stock (or income trust) can have … Read more

Defining an Investing Strategy

A couple of interesting posts showed up recently from fellow bloggers that are worth discussing and I find them very pertinent to defining what your investing strategy is. Here are the quick points that highlight the content which is comparing … Read more

How To Manage Your Employee Stocks

Employees of publicly traded companies tend to have the benefit of receiving employee stocks either in the form of options, restricted stock units (RSU) or through an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP). Each of those benefits can be profitable when … Read more

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Scotia iTrade Review

As the title says, I am moving all my investment accounts away from Scotia iTrade to RBC Direct Investing. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t with Scotia iTrade by choice since I previously was with etrade Canada due to my employer’s stock … Read more

Investing Strategy with Transfer Agents

Who’s got boat load of cash to invest early on in life? Who’s got loads of cash to invest after paying all the bills and supporting a family? We’ve all heard of pay yourself first so that you can manage … Read more

DRIP Guide – Put All Your Dividends To Work!

A recent article by ‘The Weathly Canadian’ along with the comments had me reflect on the reasons I DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) and the conditions under which I DRIP. No investor scenarios are equal so it’s important to understand the benefits … Read more