How To Setup DRIP Accounts?

DRIP stands for Dividend Re-Investment Plan. It is the corner stone of Dividend Investing as it allows your portfolio to re-invest the dividends and provide compound growth for your investments. No hypothetical compound growth from markets either since you can … Read more

The Successful Investor Newsletter Review

A while back, I discovered Pat McKeough‘s The Successful Investor newsletter. It looked very appealing to me at first glance. The information was very pertinent to my investing goals and felt it could complement my investing. I am always wary … Read more

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How Many Stocks Should You Own?

Early on in your investing journey, the number of stocks you hold is not really a concern but as your portfolio grows, you start thinking about how many different stocks you should have. There is a tendency to set a … Read more

OAS Pension

The Attribution Rule: What is it?

The attribution rule is a rule applied against a taxpayer when it is decided that income taxes aren’t paid by the proper party. In other words, it’s a way for the government to tell you, you are diverting taxes which … Read more

Preferred Shares or Common Shares

I recently discussed how preferred shares work as an introduction to preferred shares for fixed income. As it turns out, the timing was good as Dividend Ninja made a purchase of preferred shares bringing up the question; Why not buy … Read more

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Understanding REITs

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a company that invests in property through purchasing real estate or mortgages. REITs are alternative assets, uncorrelated to investments like bonds or precious metals. Knowing how REITs work is an important part of … Read more

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TFSA Explained – The Ultimate Guide

The Tax-Free Savings Account, or TFSA, is a special type of investment account that provides tax benefits for Canadians. The main tax benefit of this type of account is that investment income earned in a TFSA is not taxed upon withdrawal. It was … Read more