What is a DRIP?

What is the meaning of DRIP for investors? What is a DRIP in investing? DRIP is the short acronym for Dividend ReInvestment Plan. Reinvesting dividends is a simple, yet powerful, concept that employees with stock purchase plans (ESPP) or DIY investors can … Read more

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3 Simple Steps – Dividend Stock Selection Process

In my 7 Dividend Investing Rules, my first four rules pertain to my stock selection strategy. As you can probably imagine, selecting what you invest in plays a big part of your portfolio building strategy. My focus is on the portfolio and … Read more

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Easy Investing With Computershare

Are you familiar with Computershare? I learned about the marvels of Computershare in my mid-thirties and I must admit that I wish I had learned about it in my early twenties. I learned about the existence of transfer agents when … Read more

Dividend Growth vs Dividend Income

Are you unsure about how much you should focus on Dividend Income vs Dividend Growth? It’s really unusual to find a stock that will offer both. It’s usually one or the other. When I took control of my portfolio and … Read more

Canadian vs US Stock Markets – How do they differ?

Aside from the obvious currency difference, do you really understand the strength of each stock markets? From a population perspective, the USA is nearly 10 times bigger than Canada, you would expect the stock markets to be somewhat bigger by … Read more


Computershare Guide

Here is everything you need to know about Computershare to put YOUR MONEY at work. I kick started my new dividend investing financial plan through Computershare and step by step increased my net worth but also my income from my … Read more