50K Ready To Invest

I have not inherited or won the lottery if you were curious. I am simply transferring my hard earned money to another account. I have decided to execute a transfer from my other RRSP account to bring it over to my Dividend Portfolio RRSP account. As it happens, most of my contributions go into my other RRSP account and I want more in my dividend portfolio so I have to execute transfers every now and again.

Where to Invest 50K

If you have been following my journey over the past few years, you will know that I already have a number of investments distributed by sector. I have also reached the number of individual companies I wanted to be invested in according to the number of stocks I want to hold. I happen to hold the same stock across multiple accounts and it counts as one. That distinction is important as it related to the number of companies I can really pay attention to.

I intend to make about 6 or 7 purchases. This money happens to be in Canadians and all of my RRSP dividend stocks are currently US and I have not decided if I should pay the 10% premium to top up some stocks. Where is the CDN dollar going? I am also thinking that if I buy a company that also trade on the NYSE, I will journal my shares to the NYSE in order to get US cash for my dividends and use that to top up my US holdings.

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Life Insurance Sector

I have a small position in Sun Life TSE:SLF and while I had a position in ManulifeTSE:MFC at some point, I am not exposed now outside of one share from a DRIP. Through Power Financial TSE:PWF, I have exposure to Great-West LifeTSE:GWO.

I will consider adding a pure life insurance play.

Real Estate

Since I split by diversification between my retirement portfolio and my RESP (education) portfolio, I have no real-estate in my retirement portfolio. It was an important step to split those portfolios as they both are under a different timeline.

My favorite REIT is RioCan TSE:REI.UN but I will review others to make an assessment. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP.UN) appears to have a good asset with growth. I am still trying to figure out how all the Brookfield investments related to each other … Drop me a comment if you have it all figured out.

Energy Sector

It’s an easy and simple choice. The economies cannot function without energy. We are dramatically dependent on it and it’s not going away anytime soon. We are making progress into clean energy but it will take time for the transition and the current leaders are transitioning and investing into clean energy as well.

I may add to Enbridge TSE:ENB and possibly take a position in Suncor TSE:SU.

Those are the 3 sectors I currently have on my list to pick up some stocks. I need to research more within each sector but that’s a start. I am also not trying to add many more new companies as I have plenty to track as it stands and I prefer to add to existing positions unless a bargain was present.

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